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AF FINE PANILLA aka Rose - Papillon x Fine Addition (Muscat) 



Papillon - beauty and performance ; a true Russian Arabian Horse!

Papillon was born in 1993, bred by the famous Silvia Garde-Ehlert, Gestüt Gut Alemich, Germany.

Papillon was first a talented endurance horse in Italy. On the early 2000's, in total, he started about 50 endurance races and completed them all, prooving his stamina and soundness, and his regularity in performance as well.

Between them:
-18° St. Pantaleo 2001 - CEI** 120 km
-11° Orvieto - CEI ** 120 km.

Here are some words of her rider and owner in Italy, Nicoletta Merlini: "He was an exceptional horse, very good, never made jokes although he was a stallion ; my daughter used him and she was 16 years old. A horse with a very good heart for endurance... Heart rate recovery was exceptional, even 28/30 beats per minute. He was very strong, good galloper. The results were always among the first."

Then, in 2007, he was bought by Arabian Fantasie, Holland, as a breeding stallion and he was shown. And as in endurance, he was very successful!

- 1st place Trinacria Cavalli Cinisi (I) 2006
- 3rd place Citta di Castello (I) 2006
- 1st place regional show Exloo 2007
- Champion reserve regional show Exloo 2007
- 1st place regional show 2008
- Champion reserve regional show 2008
- Liberty Champion Dutch Nationals 2008
- 1st place & Champion Nat. C-show 2009
- 3rd place Int. show Ströhen (G) 2010

Papillon is the sire of about 45 offspring, between them
- LA Veronique 2nd in the Class 3-years old Fillies on the National Championship Kuwait, 2012, 3rd (out of 14!) in the Class 2b - 2-years old Fillies on the National Championship Kuwait, 2011
- AF Patriot, silver champion colt foals Nat. C.
- AF Papaya, excellent broodmare at Rifat Arabians, NL
- Elesa - CEI** 122km - 6th, CEI* 90km - 3rd

In 2008, I bred Gazzella and Palatina F by Papillon. Gazzella delivered a very typey colt, Alias F, sold in Belgium, and Palatina F a pretty filly for the Papillon's owner, AF Papaya.

When Petra Kap-Harte contacted me, asking me for her mare "Rose" to welcome, I was surprized to discover a daughter of my late Addi, a Muscat's daughter I owned several years ago. Then, AF Fine Panilla, bred by Arabian Fantasie, in the Nederlands, has joined my broodmares band.

Rose is an obvious descendant of the Neman's family, clearly showing the typical face imprint of his grand-sire. She not only a very feminine and refined mare with strong qualities of soundness and structure, but also a genetic treasure as she comes from the precious familly of Gazella OA, foundation mare of one of the most influencial familly of all time, purchased in 1845 by Count Juliusz Dzieduskycki from a Bedouin tribe in the Syrian desert and imported to Jarczowce Stud - Poland. From the same damline comes the double endurance world champion Nobby, both through Nanuk, the Nabeg's daughter.


Papillon is the ¾ brother to famous Nadir I – from the so successful cross Neman x Kilimandscharo from Sylvia Garde-Ehlert breeding program, which gave so many champions, exported all over the world.

Sire: NEMAN, *Elite, 18 (2-4-3-3) 2x winner Gr4, winner Named race, 2nd Open race, 4x placed Gr3. Raced for two years in Russia, he was sold to Sweden, then one year later to Germany, where he became a legendary sire, imprinting the worldwide breeding as only a few did. He produced very typey offspring, with big eyes and wonderful neck, between others:
- Neral (1984) DRE ***, 1987 2nd European championship, 1991 French Nat. Champion de France, several times Intern. Champion and class winner
- Neschnij (1984), owned by RFI Arabians, Brazil and great producer. All Nations Cup Class winner, Top ten Scottsdale, winner in Brazil, he covered well-known mares for famous studs such as Aries Arabians, Karho and Sandspurt.
- Narew (1985), European champion, Austrian Res. Nat. champion
- Neposnij (1985), sold to UK
- Negresco (1986), Junior multichampion, European champion.
- Nadir I (1987) Elite, DRE ****, reserve World champion, junior champion at the All Nations Cup and junior European champion. Sire of numerous excellent offspring, both in show and performance.
- Nagadir (1991) first leased by Barbara en Hans Trummer van Breitenau Arabian Stud and then, chief sire at Gut Alemich Stud, Silvia Garde-Ehlert, Germany
- Papillon (1993) here above.
- Nostalgia, great-granddam of Tibet
- Nascha (1981), European champion

Neman was also known for this special metallic sheen of his coat, specific of the Russian bloodlines, that he passed to his offspring. AF Syurpriz, my gorgeous stallion, who is a grand-son of Nadir I, inhereted this superb sheen and will go on the legacy!

By Nabeg, legendary producer in Tersk who changed the face of the Arabian Horse world through his offspring, founder of a dynasty through his offspring: Menes, Nariadni, Tron, Nizina, Mustang, Modnitsa, Poznan, Manila, Penza, Manych, Pesniar, Princip, Monika, Nadejni, Polinezia, Menes, Peleng, Pesnianka, Tallin, Prononce, Nanuk, Tronka, between others.

Out of Nega 7 (2-1-1-0) winner Kuban River Stakes Karinka Stakes (ex Great Cup for fillies 2 y), winner Gr4, 2x placed Gr3.
Nega is the dam of:
- Here above Neman  (Nabeg) *Elite, 18 (2-4-3-3) 2x winner Gr4, winner Named race, 2nd Open race, 4x placed Gr3
- Nebesnaia  (Nabeg) 5: 2-0-2-0 winner Gr3 and Gr4, placed Gr3 and Gr4, sold to USA
- Nogotok  (Topol) 18 (2-3-4-5) (2x Pan Dor great-granddam), sire at Tervete Stud, 2x Winner Gr4, placed 1x Gr2, 4x Gr3. Sire of Vizia, broodmare at Silvia Garde-Ehlert, dam of Vinea (Nadir I) broodmare at Shah Arabians - France, Volga (Narav Ibn Aswan) broodmare in France, Votiva (Negresco)
-Nametka  (Moment) 17 (3-7-3-1) broodmare at Tersk Stud. Winner : Open race Gr3, Race for Arabs Gr3, Race Gr4, 2nd: Race Gr2, May Stakes Gr3, Tersk Stud Stakes Gr3, 2x Gr3. 3rd: Mines Cup Gr2, Karinka Stakes (ex Great Cup for fillies 2 y) Gr3, Race Gr3. Dam of Gonchar (Menes), Silver champ. Int. Show (France), sire of Ass-Windi, dam of several Int. Show champ. and of excellent endurance producers in France.
- Namay  (Moment) Winner Open race Gr3
- Argon  (Prostor) 45: 9-12-9-8 Winner: Budyonny Stakes - St. Leger Gr1, Hurdle Race Gr1, Great Cup (Bolshoy) ex Kalinin Stakes Gr1, Comparison Stakes (Sravnenia) Gr2, Summer Stakes Gr2, Nations Friendship Stakes (Druzhby Narodov) Gr3, Open race, . Placed: 2x USSR Prize Gr1, 3x Ministry of Agriculture Stakes Gr1, 2x Elita Stakes Gr2, 2x Comparison Stakes (Sravnenia) Gr2, Introductory Stakes (Vstupitelniy) Gr3, Farewell Stakes (Proshalniy) Gr3, Named Hurdle Race, Open Prize, 4x Open race Gr3, 2x Races Gr4. Argon is the sire of the legendary Naira (out of Nutria) 51(16-15-8-6) prize money: 1 933 850 RUB Winner: Dutch Open Championship, Wassenaar-prijs, Manege de Poelruiters Sassenheim-prijs, Roccade Megaplex-prijs, Tersk Holland-prijs, Darc Stayers Cup, Karinka Stakes Gr2, Open Stakes, Beresta Stakes Gr2, Topol Stakes Gr2, The Elite Stakes Gr2, Pesniar Stakes Gr3, Entrance Stakes Gr3, 2nd Russian Derby Gr1, Russian Oaks Gr1, The Comparison Stakes Gr2.
- Vengria  (Menes) exp. Holland 19 (4-6-6-2) Winner : 2x Open race Gr3, 2x Gr4. Placed : 6x Open races Gr3, dam of Ventican, the sire of Nadal and the maternal grandsire of Samska.
- Grenada (Menes) exp. Holland 15 (2-3-2-3) Winner G3 and Gr4, 4x placed Gr2 and Gr3.
- Dinastia  (Strij) Khrenovoe Stud, 14 (2-2-3-1) Winner Gr3 and Gr4, placed: Karinka Stakes (ex Great Cup for fillies 2 y) G- Nadar (Naftalin)

KAJUSCHA, bred by Silvia Garde-Ehlert and broodmare at the famous Gut Alemich Stud, Germany.
by the extraordinary Kilimandscharo, Elite stallion, German Nat. champion, IRE****, Gold and premium title of the German Stallion license, Champion title of the WAHO Show, one of the most used sire in Europe at that time. Sire of: Kalypso HN DRE ****, Zatin El Usm DRE ****, Maklouf DRE**** and 1982 world champion, Nego DRE** He is out of the Queen of Tersk Karta, dam of legendary horses in Tersk, uterine sibling of the great Kumir, sire of Vatican, Troyka and Mukomol. Kilimandscharo is still strongly represented in the modern show line, as for example, through Kilifa, who is the maternal granddam of Padron’s Psyche.

The damline of Papillon comes from one of the most treasured dam families at Michalow State Stud, the family of SZWEYKOWSKA 1800, with horses like WIEZA MOCY, WILDA, WIZJA, WOJSLAW, WILNIANKA, WENEDA and WILEJKA.
Laba, pure polish, was requisitioned in 1945 in Germany and came to Tersk, where she produced the Derby winner Lak (Kankan), sire of fantastic race horses and producers and Linka, Elite mare, from whose come Papillon. Bred by Nabeg, she produced Laguna, who was sold to Tervete stud in Latvia, where she produced Lenta (Nep), sold to Germany, at Gut Alemich and dam of Kajuscha, Lara, sold to France and successful broodmare, Mena (Menes) and Nemara (Neman), the dam of Narym, excellent broodmares in Germany, Holland, between others.


AF Fine Panilla is a daughter of my late mare Fine Addition. Click on her name for discovering the precious damline of AF Fine Panilla.