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Why to choose and to trust a professional breeder? 

Why to buy a horse bred by Faber Arabians or a breeding by a Faber Arabians stallion? 


A story of exigency, the experience of excellence for 30 yrs! 


Faber Arabians: Straight russian Arabian horses: 

Versatility, quality, authenticity, since 1994! 


Only a professional breeder offer you safeguards: the European legal guarantees for the protection of the customer, which guarantees you a safe satifying hassle-free purchase!


Faber Arabians is a professional breeding company registered in Frnce under the number FR75.903.202.620 


At Faber Arabians, in addition with the quality cares and management we provide all the year long to our horses for the breedings, pregnancies, births, foals and youngsters, we pay a particular attention to listen to your expectations and to analyse your request. Then, thanks to all the information we gather, we are able to present you the best way the personality and the characteristics of the one who will become your partner. We are also attentive to provide you concrete and personalised advices and to support you through, for example, the welcoming of your horse/foal, the building of your bonds, its growth or its work ...

And because the relationship with our clients is very important for us, we stay by you


Your happiness is our greatest success! 


Our guarantees: 


* Quality of our breeding stock: a rigorous selection! 


      o Functionality and Arab horse breed typical conformation 

      o Health, sportive potential and robustness 

      o Charisma, refined arab type, movement and morphology 

      o Fantastic mind, patience and respect 

      o Prestigious proven "straight Russian" bloodlines 


* Breeding experience: more than 25 years already! 


      o Specific quality food and adapted supplements 

      o Constant veterinary and farrier follow-up 

      o Careful education of the foals with our special program 

      o Impeccable administrative and sanitary proceedings 

      o Lifestyle adapted to the needs and the welfare of horses 


* Environment: an unparalleled asset! 


      o Ideal soil area for the Arab horse 

      o Daily diversified experiences, from the birth 

      o Herd life 

      o Natural meadows and diversified grounds 

      o Intellectual stimulation and preparation to their life as your partner